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The intelligences at play!
June 5, 2018
Would you like to come and play?
September 5, 2018

After months of courses and rapid movements between one engagement and another, summer has arrived and with it a restful time, relaxed and uncomplicated.
This summer is a precious time.
A pause, a slowing down, a rest.
A time for looking around and observing with greater attention, for making room for curiosity and for the interests that, during the year, risk being set aside, as well as for discovering new ones.

A slow time for both adults and small children.
A time for bodies stretched out in fields, on the sand, on the soil; for hands that seek and thoughts that take a rest; for eyes that gaze towards heaven and are lost among the clouds; for steps that slow down.
A time of boredom.
A precious gift in a world that hurries and hastens to fill up every instant.
“A certain capacity for putting up with boredom is essential in order to have a happy life, and is one of the things that should be taught to young people” was how Bertrand Russell expressed himself in La conquista della felicità (TEA, 2003).

A suspended time, one of not-doing which becomes doing-something, something different, an unexpected something that leaves space for discovery, for surprise, for the wonder of not knowing yet what awaits us.
Summer time is a precious time.
An exercise in slowing down and stopping, to carry with us during the year.

“Slowness is the teacher. Those snails that I used to watch as a child robbed me of time in which to do my homework and carry out my duties, in order to carry me into a space that had no limits. That game taught me to remain within the things of life, to be astonished, to not wait, to not have goals to accomplish immediately”, Alex Corlazzoli remarks in Lentezza (pp. 189-194 in Guerra M. (2015), Fuori. Suggestioni nell’incontro tra educazione e natura, FrancoAngeli).

May this summer be a slow time, ready to welcome everything that will happen.

Valentina Morsenchio

Educationalist and expert on the subject of the Organisation and coordination of educational services
at the “Riccardo Massa” Department of Human Sciences for Development of the Bicocca University of Milan.

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