Story: The-first-day-of
June 5, 2018
Once upon a time, but it is still there, there was a poor humble little house clinging to others that were a little less poor but still very little: this was the house of mastro Geppetto, a carpenter without a family, with little work and even less bread. Geppetto was so alone that, in order to have company, he decided to carve a puppet out of a piece of pine firewood that his friend mastro Antonio, known as Ciliegia [i.e. Cherry] because of his big red nose, had given to him as a present. Geppetto gave the piece of wood the name Pinocchio. - “How nice it would be if you were a real child!” - Geppetto exclaimed before going to sleep, as he looked at his puppet.

A Spark of Life!

The Blue Fairy, who often frequented poor humble little houses at night, also visited the little house belonging to Geppetto and, in approaching the painted puppet that was leaning against the plank-bed, murmured: - “Wake up, you inanimate piece of wood! I have just given you a spark of life!” Pinocchio became animated, and the fairy smiled, content with her good deed. Then, catching sight of a greedy cricket hidden in a dark corner of the little room, appointed it to be Pinocchio’s special advisor. The cricket had lived there for more than one hundred years, and happily accepted the assignment.

Among Mangiafuoco’s puppets

The next day, early in the morning, Geppetto – happy to have a son - sold his old moleskin jacket and, with the little money earned, bought him a brand-new spelling book, and sent Pinocchio to school. It was too bad that, instead of obeying Geppetto, the puppet came upon the “Gran Teatro dei Burattini”, and met Mangiafuoco, the owner cum puppeteer, there. Convinced by the- false - promise of becoming famous, Pinocchio improvised a show with the marionettes, but was put in jail by no less than Mangiafuoco himself.

Lies and noses

The Blue Fairy appeared unexpectedly, and asked Pinocchio how it was that he was there, instead of at school. – “Mangiafuoco obliged me to leave school, and his marionettes imprisoned me! - Pinocchio exclaimed, inventing an imaginative lie. – “My child, lies are immediately recognisable” – the fairy murmured, - “because there are two kinds of lies: those with short legs and those with a long nose. Indeed, yours is one of those with a long nose. Every time you tell a lie, your nose will grow longer.” Only when Pinocchio finally decided to tell the truth did his nose return to its normal length.

New friends?

Along the road as he was returning home, Pinocchio met up with the Cat and the Fox, two professional swindlers, who convinced him to plant the five gold coins that had been given to him by Mangiafuoco. The latter, having repented, wanted to allow him to return to Geppetto. Needless to say, Pinocchio fell into the trap and planted the coins in the Field of Miracles, in the Land of Fools, in the belief that they would be multiplied as the Cat and the Fox had guaranteed him. Once again, the Blue Fairy saved him from the two brigands, and – in exchange – Pinocchio promised her that he would finally become a good, obedient and sincere child.

In the Land of Toys

However, Pinocchio met Lucignolo, who was as lazy and thin as a slow-worm new to a night-light. Together they left for the Land of Toys, a magical and mysterious place where no one ever studied and where schools did not even exist. After five months of merry-making and entertainment, the two discovered that boys like them who remained in this Land became changed into donkeys. The Talking Cricket succeeded in convincing Pinocchio that, in order to save himself, he had to leave Lucignolo and the Land of Toys. The donkey puppet put his trust in his special counsellor.

Inside the belly of the whale!

After other misadventures, Pinocchio was thrown into the sea and there, unbelievable but true, he was swallowed up by a whale. The Talking Cricket followed the same fate. It seemed that everything was over for the two of them. They were without hope. Instead, in the terrible darkness of the huge whale’s belly, Pinocchio refound the light... and also his father! Geppetto, in fact, had also been swallowed up, months ago, by the same whale.

Unhoped-for discoveries

Thus, Pinocchio rediscovered hope and also a good idea... Together with his father and the Talking Cricket, he prepared a big bonfire, one which emitted a lot of smoke. The smoke made the whale sneeze and so it spat them out, to a great distance away. The three attempted to reach the shore by swimming. However, Geppetto was old and tired,and could not cope any longer. Had it not been for Pinocchio, who risked his life in order to save his father’s, Geppetto would certainly have drowned.

Goodness rewarded?

On shore, Pinocchio fainted and seemed dead. Geppetto took him home, hoping to save him. The Fairy, having seen the great goodness, altruism and courage demonstrated by Pinocchio, rewarded him by having him recover from his faint and no longer be made of wood but of flesh and blood. Pinocchio was finally a real child! All that remained to do was to celebrate all together.

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