Imagination and creative writing


How many times does the imagination prevail and transport you to unexplored worlds that abound in surprises? Here is the ideal scenario for providing a setting for endless stories, to be narrated and… written! Thus, creative writing was born.

Things to write? And who establishes the requisites of a true author? A vast imagination? The desire to narrate? A craving to anchor one’s own stories in time, so as not to forget them? These are all things that you too can do: all you need to do is make the attempt! So, from where do you start?

The nom de plume

Even prior to tackling the highly-feared white sheet of paper, we suggest to you an activity that will help you create your new identity as an author…by playing!
Many writers have chosen to sign their own works with an alias, what the French call nome de plume. You, too, can choose one.

How do you choose an alias?

It will have to be original and unique in order to be remembered and, at the same time, to create a little mystery. Here is an infallible method.

  • Write your name and surname on a card, with a certain distance between the letters.
  • Cut the card into small squares: one per letter.
  • Mix the squares and try recompiling them into a new name: you may use only several letters, or else challenge your own ability and use them all!
  • Are you dissatisfied with the result? Start all over again: the right answer will arrive!

A few examples:


The alias of


Reading the pages of her books is like drinking a liquid that has magic properties.


The alias of


Her own name is an invitation to relate new stories!


The alias of


The literary genre of his works is easy to identify…

And you? Have you already found your nom de plume? Leave us a comment here as follows: the most original ones will be published.
In the next instalment, in order to get our next story started!

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